Our childhood friend, Jake came over for a photoshoot! We ended our shoot wondering why we hadn't done one before now! :) He is super to work with; quite natural in front of the camera, but I expected no less from this talented guy. :)  Check out his music here! (I highly recommend you look up "Faces At The Rain") Good luck, Jake!!!


Super fun family shoot with some friends!!! Here are a few favorites from the day. :) 

Tyler - '15

Tyler was awesome to work with! He was such a trooper for this chilly shoot. The wind was blowing like crazy and there were a few sprinkles, but we somehow managed to pull off these shots! Safe to say, Tyler was a natural in front of the camera. :) 

Congrats, Tyler!!!

How to Yawn

A Lesson from Dave the Dog...

Kidding Season

It has been a great kidding season this year! We are officially done kidding with 22 kiddos! Had to share some shots from the other evening. :)

In the middle of kidding season...

Some goatie pics for your enjoyment. ;) We're in the middle of kidding season and boy, is it ever great!

Divine adopted Delmar.

 This little girl has temporarily been named "Miss Cutie Face"... hopefully we'll have a "real" name for her soon! ;)

My 2014 bottle baby, Quasimodo. :) 

Another of "Miss Cutie Face." 

Pete playing in my horse's grain dish. Ahhh the ways that kids are entertained!

Delmar just being cute. 

Pete and Everett playing on some logs.